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Goals of this page

  • This is a community driven effort for the open source software ERPNext. It shall contain the documentation of the software and help the community organize and communicate better. There are no commercial goals with this page. If you want to contribute, please contact us via Telegram (Telegram-Channel for general help & Telegram-Channel for Documentation). Getting a user is quick and simple and free of costs.

Background info on this website

This website runs on Confluence and uses a free community license granted by Atlassian (process pending). The server is run by a German company called //SEIBERT/MEDIA and free of charge for the community. The company also contributes ongoing maintenance and updates for the server and the Confluence application for free.

How this platform evolved

This page is meant to document the creation of this platform from the very first step until a pretty mature point, where so many people contribute, that it simply makes no sense to go on documenting this in a linear way.

  1. Create a Confluence server instance with SWIFT (free).
  2. Create your own user and deactivate the admin user.
  3. Introduce yourself and the effort in a video (together with Mario Truss). (big grin)
  4. Create this space and make sure, that Mario Truss and Martin Seibert have a place to document and summarize all changes made to the platform both for the ERPNext community and interested Atlassian users.
  5. Installed the Linchpin Suite to get some design and other elements that we can use later.
  6. Installed Collapsible Admin Menu for more overview in the admin area.
  7. Activated the Linchpin Theme and uploaded the logo and started configuration of the portal.
  8. Created spaces for German Documentation and English Documentation
  9. Created a first version of a navigation.
  10. Tweaked the theme a little bit to match the navigation needs.
  11. Added some reasoning to the top of this page.
  12. Added apps to the Launchpad and made some crucial elements mandatory so that they also appear for anonymous users.

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